The cables, components and entire electrical wiring systems are manufactured using raw materials of undisputed quality and reliability. The starting point for the production of new wiring may be an existing product or an innovative idea, which is developed step by step along the entire production process, creating prototypes and testing the efficiency and reliability of the results. In both cases the possibility of customisation of the products is a constant of the concept of F.LLI FICO srl, to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction. The various steps, such as peeling, cutting, stripping and crimping are carried out using avant-garde production systems from leading Companies in the sector, which ensure utmost precision and rapidity of execution.
In the successive steps of composition of the wiring, specialist labour and coded processes monitored constantly ensure efficient products as regards performance and competitiveness. The operations and “in-process” and final tests are conducted using the most modern equipment. In the cutting department, production of unipolar cable is done using Komax and KM cable cutter/stripper/crimper machines and Komax,  Schleuniger and Samec multicore cable cutters.
In the recycling crimping department, Mecal presses with load cells for control of the crimping, Cembre, Stripper & Crimper presses for pre-insulated connectors, Manual, semiautomatic and automatic press machines for IDC, terminal Mecal and KM mini applicators for crimping are used in meticulously planned and tested production processes. The low voltage electric testing employs Weetech test benches and WK Weetech/Shaffner testers in combination with known brands of printers and labellers such as Cembre, Meteor and Zebra.
In the overprinting department Babyplast, Imex and Konig plastic overprint presses are used, while for Lead Free welding, F.LLI FICO srl uses welding stations with JBC and Weller gun and stylus, Hakko crucible and Bosch work benches for assembly, complete with electric screwdrivers, pneumatic screwdrivers and torque wrenches for checking and objectivation of tightening torques.

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