Our Mission

The mission of F.LLI FICO srl is to satisfy customers with reliable, competitive products.

Improvement and constant growth of know-how in the electromechanical sector, specialisation and continuous updating to make full use of the potential of the constantly evolving technologies, the work of a flexible team open to changes and a safe and comfortable working environment are the tools we have chosen to pursue our mission.
The ingredients that characterise the Company’s policy, together with objectives that are increasingly ambitious and shared by all the staff, reflect the great dynamicity of the Company Management. The constants that summarise the mission are:
  • Quality and reliability of products
  • Competitiveness and cost of products appropriate for various markets/uses
  • Transparency and reliability in internal/external relations
  • Optimisation of resources (personnel, equipment and infrastructures)
  • Research and development and dynamism in collaboration with the Customer
  • Compliance of product and process to the directives in force
  • Very low environmental impact of the Company

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