The services offered by F.LLI FICO srl are conducted with utmost professional competence to ensure completely satisfactory results appreciated by every customer. The quality of the all-round services is the Company’s policy and is ensured through daily commitment aimed at ongoing improvement of the solutions and continuous attention to each and every need of the customers. F.LLI FICO srl is able to offer an all-round service during all the production and assistance phases by means of various strong points.
  • Short Lead Time for supply – Correct management of stocks of raw materials and the flexibility of the production department which employs personnel with years of experience in the sector make it possible to cut down the times for delivering the materials ordered.
  • Customised production batches – The experience built up over the years and the capacity to listen to the customers’ needs and objectives make it possible to implement solutions planned and created ad hoc, to satisfy the customer’s effective consumption.
  • Research and proposal for solutions – Among the most appreciated services offered by F.lli FICO srl is the willingness to try and find innovative and reliable solutions in consultation with the customer. Often, a component to be comolded is the result of collaboration between Companies engaged in the construction of moulds and implementation of systems, if necessary: exclusive contracts, drawn up year after year, allow a consistent and controlled development, capable of ensuring increasingly better results over time.
  • Traceability of raw materials and finished products – All the raw materials used by F.LLI FICO srl, including in-process materials supplied, are constantly monitored by means of a traceability system which involves labelling of each incoming material by means of an internal code with all the data related to the supply (Transport document, Batch No., type of packaging, location). The same applies to finished products, at the end of the various steps of the process.
  • Availability of consignment stock, buffer stock and supply in kanban
These activities are carried out daily to facilitate customer relations. And moving along the same lines are the availability in every production area of electronic media that can be consulted easily and immediately for a unique impact on the product to be created and the structuring of a part of the Company with “dynamic” layouts, to be able to create dedicated work islands highly flexible as regards the individual needs of the customer.
In these islands, in addition to work benches, there are adjacent warehouses for storage of components, in order to simplify, as far as possible, the various logistic steps within the Company and obtain maximum efficiency in line with the needs of the market in which we operate.

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