Reference Markets

Different reference markets require equally targeted and different products and solutions, capable of satisfying the specific developments logics to obtain success. F.LLI FICO srl develops electrical wiring and electromechanical assemblies for heating, the electronic sector, self-diagnosis, automobiles, the industrial sector and other market segments which require systems characterised by high reliability and precision.
40% Heating
14% Industrial
20% Electronic
8% Automotive
8% Self-diagnosis
10% Other
The availability of advanced electrical and electromechanical technology is essential to meet the increasing demand for reliable low consumption heating systems. It is advisable to accompany these techniques with a reliable and safe wiring system, suitable for environmental conditions in which it is expected to operate for a number of years (high/low temperatures, vibrations). F.LLI FICO srl is thus specialised in the study and application for the specifications of this sector.
Some products used in this sector:
The electrical wiring and electromechanical assemblies produced by F.LLI FICO srl can be used for a number of applications in the industrial sector. These include electric actuators, control systems for industrial valves, accessories for high-pressure washing, industrial spraying and cleaning, weighing systems.
Some products used in this sector:
The electronics sector is in constant expansion and evolution: innovative and multifunction technologies demand safe and reliable connections between the various components for data exchange. F.LLI FICO srl offers reliable solutions guaranteed by the use of cables, terminals and connectors, which, by type and brand, interface perfectly with the customer’s electronic devices.
Some products used in this sector:
The automobile sector has always been the one that positively summarises all the best features of the wired product. Connectors, terminals and cables with proven homologation must be assembled in compliance with the supply specifications specific for the sector. F.LLI FICO srl has the experience and trained personnel for these requirements.
Some products used in this sector:
In the design and construction of diagnostic tools for cars, motorcycles, trucks boats and agricultural vehicles, it is necessary to produce instruments capable of carrying out intuitive, practical, yet precise and prompt diagnosis of electronic control units. F.LLI FICO srl produces electric wiring for different types of machinery in the self-diagnosis sector.
Some products used in this sector:
The wiring products from F.LLI FICO srl find applications in various other sectors such as: small and large domestic appliances, hydro-pneumatic systems, floor washing machinery, equipment for restaurants, catering and vending, and electro-medical equipment.
Some products used in this sector:

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