F.LLI FICO srl develops wiring, independently or in collaboration with the customer, thanks to over 30 years of experience during which constant improvement of the products and services offered has always been the Company’s principle of action. Signal Cables, power supply cables, wiring for electronics, wiring for heating, wiring for automobiles, structured cabling systems, power cables and battery cables are just some of our main products obtained using the best technologies available on the market and qualified personnel.
F.LLI FICO has, over the last few years, developed the insulation displacement connection (IDC) system in a concrete manner, with two of the major brands of connectors currently on the market. This type of application is suited to the transmission of control and signal currents. Polarised connectors are available from two to 20 ways containing metal terminals with both 2.5 mm and 5 mm cable pitch. The electrical cables are connected to the terminals using dedicated machinery in order to obtain four points of contact between the terminal and cable.